How to Get Better Sound From Your Hi-Fi System

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There’s the iPhone, iPad and a whatever (as an aside, beware that if Steve Jobs enters your house, will iRename everything).

But you still love that good old stereo, and much as you may get yourself the Gadgets, it’s still your first love. It has always had great sound and there is really nothing wring with it that a tweak here and a tweak here would not fix. Pull it out and let’s get started.

1. get it new cables

And the best are QED’s Quodos Silver Anniversary. It’s not expensive considering that you’re trying to get your old love back into shape.

2. get Cables for the Rest as Well

Same for any other cables or equipment that will be used with the speakers. Those that connect to your CD player for instance. get a new roll. All these interconnecting cables, if they are nice and new, will work together to give you superior sound.

3. Balls? get Them

You need to reduce any kind of vibration that constantly affects your stereo and vice versa, How to do that? Using rubber. It’s easy -get yourself some tennis balls, slice them into 2 and let your stereo equipment rest on them – they will be able to absorb all kinds of shock. Bonus? Clearer sound with a tighter bass and a more stable treble.

4. get Proper Support

Choose good stable equipment to stand your hi-fi and the rest on its components on. get one that looks good, absorbs vibrations and is strong on its feet.

A pair of paving slabs under your speakers will produce a sharper sound and will absorb any vibrations.

6. Clean the Connectors

Eventually connectors gather dust and interfere with sound. there are special fluids for this kind of thing – talk to another hi-fi enthusiast or a supplier. Wire wool will do too, but if you regularly unplug, it should not be so much pf a problem.

Get them on half an hour earlier just to get them warm. Position correctly depending on room size and shape.

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