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Today the world is well connected and a small place to live in. Thanks to the mobile technology that keeps us connected no matter how distant we are from our home or the workplace. if you are planning to buy a cell phone then there are various online stores available on the internet which offers the best deals enabling you to buy the best cell phones at a very good price. The cell phones are of various known brands like LG and Samsung to name a few. The cell phone deals are offered after inquiring from various cell phone retailers at different locations and a survey of the market prices.

The new cell phones along with the ones already in the market are included in the shopping list with the description of there features and price range. The cell phones of different companies are listed side by side for comparison so that a customer can compare the two brands side by side to choose the right cell phone.. The GSM cellular phones are provided with cheapest cell phone plans. The cell phone deals offered are the best in the market. The wide variety of brands available helps the visitors to make the decision wisely after doing the selective research work.

The new cell phones purchased may require certain accessories which are also provided by these online retailers. if you are looking for the cell phones with the right price range you can search online mobile stores to get the best cell phones at discounted rates and the features and brand of your choice and utility. these free cell phone deals help you to obtain the latest mobile technologies with in no duration of time and suiting your pocket.

Samsung Skins For Your Samsung Phones

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Samsung Skins are known for their brand name and quality in the market. So, if you decide to go for a Samsung device, then you must definitely go for Skins too at the same time. Samsung phone Skins are available both in matt finish or satin finish and gloss coating too. If you prefer to go for matt finish, you just need to pay an additional 2 dollars along with the cost of the skin.

Samsung Skins are all made in the United States of America. Even the production and packing is done in the US itself. Samsung phone Skins protects and safeguards your Samsung device that is your Samsung phone. the kit is removable and it includes phone Skins for the front and back of the Samsung phone. Perfect cut outs are available for the speakers and camera. due to the tailor made cut outs, you can use your phone without any difficulty and you will not be spending time searching for the provision.

With the perfect cut outs, the functionality of the phone is not interrupted. all Samsung phone skins are compatible with most of the phones. However, when you go to buy Skins, it is always better to check if it is compatible for your phone. Samsung Skins are tough enough to handle the minor abuse that might happen to your Samsung phone. Like any other skin, Samsung Skins are also very good in protecting your phone from scratches and other abrasive usage of the phone.

Among the various Samsung Skins, the simplest design comes in basic black and also the commonly demanded gray colors. This basic design does not give a glossy or floral finish of course and if your device is of the same color, then it will actually give a professional look to your Samsung device. These designs give a carbon texture finish with a classy and of course realistic look to the device.

If the Samsung Skins gets damaged during, you as a consumer would definitely get a replacement at no additional cost for your Samsung Skins. However, some retailers might charge you shipping cost when they send you new Samsung Skins as replacements. you can always touch base with the customer care for more details regarding any of your clarifications. Samsung Skins are designed in the most integrated way, just to suit the consumer’s requirements keeping their expectations in mind while designing the phone Skins.

Samsung phone Skins also come in various designs just like any other brand. However, the final finishing for your Samsung phone would be given or be compatible only by the phone skins. the final finishing would be so perfect that you will not the difference in the phone with or without the Samsung phone skin. Quality is never a compromise with phone skins and every one knows about it. Quality is the magic word that has made Samsung phone skins as the most demanded skin for Samsung devices.

Samsung R451c Review – Straight Talk and Net10

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The Samsung r451c came out in mid October, and is currently available for Net10 and Straight Talk. I’ve been using it with Straight Talk service, and I’m going to give you a quick review of this phone.

This phone was released shortly after the very similar T401g Net10 phone, and it also includes a QWERTY keyboard. besides the keyboard, it has an mp3 player and 1.3 megapixel camera, very similar to the T401g. however, the r451c does NOT include a camcorder.

The slide-out QWERTY keyboard is a big selling point for many people who are considering this phone. this keyboard has four rows of keys, which are a soft rubbery material.

I haven’t used this phone quite as much as I use the T401g, but on either phone I do like the addition of the QWERTY keyboard. Especially if you do a lot of texting, it will probably save you some time. Like I mentioned in my T401g review, though, using the QWERTY pretty much requires using two hands to text. Of course, if you want to text one-handed you can always keep the slider closed and use the regular keypad with T9 predictive text.

Now, I’ll give a description of the other buttons on the Samsung r451c. On the left side is the rocker switch to adjust the call volume. On some models, these same buttons can be used to change ringtone volume when you’re NOT in a call, but that’s not the case here. On this model, there’s a separate button to open the ringtone settings.

Over on the right side is a dual-purpose shortcut key. It doesn’t do anything when the phone is locked. if the phone is unlocked, a single click of the button loads the camera function. Or, if you press and hold the button, it will load the mp3 player.

Farther up the right side is the connector that is used for the charger, and USB cable. I believe it could also work with a Samsung-branded stereo headset, but I haven’t tried that personally.

On the top of the phone is a standard headset jack. this is a pretty universal connector type, but if you want to listen to music with stereo headphones, you’ll have to be careful to get the right connector. Most music headphones use a 3.5mm jack, while phone headsets are usually 2.5mm. I was also able to use an adapter with my regular music headphones to listen to the mp3 player. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure to get the right size connector if you’re buying accessories for this phone.

One other thing worth mentioning here is that under the battery cover is the microSD card slot. you can use these cards to store mp3s and pictures, and to transfer files to and from your computer or other device.

Next, let’s take a look at the mp3 player. It’s nearly identical to the player on the T401g, and both players are nicer than the Motorola EM326g. the sound is okay through the built-in speaker, which surprised me. Of course, if you’re listening for very long, you’ll probably want to use headphones. and Bluetooth is also an option for listening to music, if you have a stereo bluetooth headset.

I know that the mp3 player is a big attraction for many people looking to upgrade their phone, so I wanted to say a little more about it. While the audio quality is good, this phone probably isn’t going to replace your stand-alone mp3 player or iPod. the playlists are hard to use and I couldn’t get my songs to play in the order I wanted – they played alphabetically according to the song title. Even songs on the same album played alphabetically rather than album order. also, the player doesn’t remember where you left off when you close it out. so there are some significant drawbacks to the music player feature.

Finally, a little bit about the camera – it’s pretty standard. There are a few editing features you can do on the phone, but there’s no digital zoom, so you’ll have to do that with photo editing software after the picture is taken. the camera resolution is 1.3 megapixels, which is probably good enough to do small prints – 3 x 5 or 4 x 6, but certainly no bigger than that. so, it’s a pretty basic camera for a modern cell phone.

There’s a quick overview of the Samsung r451c. To sum it up, it’s a pretty solid phone. in my testing, battery life and reception were very good, and the display is big and bright. call quality wasn’t quite as good as the EM326g or the LG 290c, but it’s still pretty good. and of course, the QWERTY keyboard makes texting really easy. All in all, I like it. I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

It’s currently selling for $80, and it’s recently been showing up in some stores. It’s also now available from Net10′s website, where you can get it for $72 using the discounts codes I recommend, and the Straight Talk Version is available from Straight Talk’s site. go to the page linked in the resources box to find more info about any applicable discounts.

Also on that page, you’ll find links to my full review of the r451c. I included a lot more detail in that review than I had time for here, so definitely check it out if you’re interested in this phone.

Bluetooth And Infrared In Mobile Phones

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Do you have Bluetooth or infrared in your cell phone? Please do transfer this file for me. These are the words we generally use and share with our friends. with the technological revolution introduced by the multimedia phones, Bluetooth and infrared features have become pretty common. These features enable you to wirelessly transfer data from one phone to another. this interesting feature of the cell phones is the underlying reason due to which mobile phones are sweeping the electronic devices market.

All the leading brands like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson are offering wide range of phones featuring Bluetooth and Infrared options at prices that are within the reach of the customers. Bluetooth is device is something which works like a radio transmitter. It works through sending radioactive waves carrying the data. this device works within the radius of ten meters. on the other side, infrared is a technological device which send your desired data with infrared waves, the basic thing is that as long the infrared point of your can see the other point it can transfer the data it works like censor connectivity points.

The infrared technology works through the straight line connectivity which works by in sight feature. It means your infrared port should be must pointed towards the other phone you wish to connect. but in market demand Bluetooth is popular as it is coming in 10 to 100 meter ranges depend according to the prices. Bluetooth also have a quality to read out the memory card and trace the other memory card. Bluetooth have very higher range of transferring the data as compared to other devices. It is the fastest too.

Bluetooth is device added a revolution in the personal connectivity, there are various market products providing this wonderful wireless connectivity product. one of the best features of Bluetooth technology is that here we use 2.4 GHz ISM connecting radio frequency which is pretty common in all the countries. Apart from radio active technology it also enables you to avoid the multiple wire connections by providing single linkage to transfer the data easily.

On the side of market availability according to the latest research of this device more and more mobile phone companies are providing Bluetooth transfer system. Today mobile having low memory acceptance also featuring Bluetooth in their phones in order to avoid using multimedia transferring through your SIM card service.

But for the existence radio active device in the market there is a requirement of services provided by the companies having capability to have Bluetooth applications. Cellular phones needed to be built on exclusive purpose catering this facility. Sony Ericsson have started a fresh technology by exploring good phones serving sole purpose of better Bluetooth performance and demand in the market. The main feature of this device is that even local vendors can use this device and create low cost features from it.

Bluetooth as a feature is very popular these days as it allows you access to the desired data stored on other mobile devices. The primary motive of this device is to provide an interconnection between cellular phones and computing world. There are various joints offering such devices. You can go through the following link: [] that deals in leading Bluetooth devices.

Why Clear Adhesive Covers Are the 2.0 Technology of Phone Protection

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There’s no doubt that today’s 2.0 cell phones are an order of magnitude more powerful than models from just a year ago. what with 3G, Wi-Fi access, built-in MP# players, and more, the cell phone is rapidly replacing several electronic gadgets by rolling them into one. and it’s for that reason that protecting your cell phone from environmental impact, not to mention the impact that comes from dropping it on the floor, is more important than ever.

It wasn’t too long ago that cell phone users depended on low-tech cell phone protectors to help avoid moisture, impact and scratching damage. but lg phone covers, the very popular samsung phone covers, generic cell phone screen protectors, and even the venerable iPhone 3G case all leave something to be desired. Not only do they fail to provide the degree of protection that cell phones require thanks to their almost constant usage in less-than-ideal conditions, but they are also difficult to install and near impossible to remove.

That’s because you had to measure your cell phone, cut the touch screen protectors or cell phone protectors to fit, peel off the adhesive backing, and then hold your breath while hoping that you installed the cell phone protector correctly the first time. If you got it on crooked, or didn’t line up the corners quite right, there was little chance of removing it and trying again.

None of that is true with this new streamline protection covers, the 2.0 technology of phone protection. These cell phone protectors represent the cutting edge. These covers are made of military-grade urethane, known for its ability to protect against moisture and impact shock, as well as its self-healing properties that make most scratches seem to disappear. What’s even better is that these cell phone protectors come custom-fitted for a wide range of the most popular cell phones. they are amazingly simple to install and just as easy to remove. no cutting and trimming and no messing with gooey adhesive that leaves your phone an awful mess if you decide to remove the touch screen protector sometime in the future.,

These PED protective covers are truly revolutionary and are just the thing for today’s high-tech cell phones that deserve more than old-fashioned lg phone covers or those outdated samsung phone covers. If urethane protection is good enough to protect the sensitive electronic devices used by the military, you know that it’s good enough to protect your cell phone.

Pay As You Go Mobile Phones

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Pay as you go mobile phones are a great way to remain connected even when you are not in sync with your finances. this is the time of the year when you can pick up bargains in anything. Pay as you go mobile phones are also up for offers and they are genuine.

It’s Christmas time soon it will be New Year want to bash up somebody’s head because you don’t have enough dough? Not even enough to last your conversation with your latest squeeze? It’s just three weeks and she is already showing signs that the one before her showed, just before she left?

SHEEEESH Life may be beautiful onscreen, but outside of it, it is mean. Downright mean. Okay pal At least, your cell phone trouble is solved. It is your phone and you have the right to pay whenever you feel like. go for pay as you go mobile phones and look a bit relaxed. It’s Christmas dude Don’t carry the world on your shoulder.

Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Sony Ericsson – all have put up their models for this category. And don’t for a moment think, that they are yesterday’s ‘has-been’ makes. the pay as go category has some of the hottest models from the best cell phone manufacturers around the globe. Surprised? Don’t be. after all, it did not take much for Leonardo Di Caprio to yell ‘I am the King of the World’ Admittedly, Kate Winslet is more than a handful.but you know, we mean something else. It is not the cash that creates a difference, but the choices that you make.

Right now, the best choice for you is to grab those pay as you go mobile offers that are up and around. Nokia 7373, 2310 red, 3110 black, 6300, 8800, N 81 black, 1600, 6800, 6230i all are available with scintillating offers. Sounds like a con, right? Like those ones that Tracy and Jeff pulled over others in if Tomorrow comes. Well, tomorrow is here, finally. And in good time, too

The best of Samsung, Motorola, LG and Sony Ericsson are available in the pay as you go category. You just have to make a choice. Just be a bit more discreet than your choice of partners and all will be well. on second thoughts, don’t. These beauties are all good and they are not going to ditch you.

Samsung Mobile Phones – Gadgets of the New Era

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The mobile handsets have become an important gadget in human life. these electronic widgets are not only offer us the facility of communication, but also provide some extraordinary features that increase their demand. as we know that there are numerous widget manufacturers in the market and all are doing their best to make their remarkable position in the users’ mind. Some most reputed names are LG, Samsung , Sony Ericsson, Nokia and many more. all these mobile handset manufacturers have their worldwide network to increase the sales of their different models of mobiles. if we talk about Samsung, it is a well known brand name that comes with different types of mobile phones to meet all the business needs and the entertainment needs of different categories of users. in this following article, we will discuss about different Samsung mobile phones.

This widget manufacturer has launched numerous models of mobile handsets. Almost all the models manufactured by this mobile giant are enabled with latest features to feel you an unforgettable experience of technology. Some very popular models of mobile phones that have manufactured by Samsung are A867 Enternity, T459 Gravity, C6620 and i770 saga and many more.

If we talk about the A867 Enternity, it is a surprising widget that comes with an 3.2 mega pixels camera that offers you high resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This gadget comes in a attractive black colour. The dimensions of this mobile handset are 109 x 56 x 13 mm and it is very light weighted just in 110 grams. This Samsung mobile phone offers you fabulous connectivity options such as HSCSD, EDGE and GPRS technologies for high speed Internet browsing. Apart from that, it comes with Bluetooth technology and USB feature to provide you faster transfer rate of data while exchanging data files with other near devices.

Another very popular model is T459 Gravity which is enabled with all the smart features. This glamorous Samsung mobile phone comes with a 2.1 inches TFT display that offers high resolution of 176 x 220 pixels. So, the wide screen and high resolution of the widget provides you an unrelenting passion of playing enthusiastic games and watching video clips on it. This mobile handset is unique in all the Samsung mobile phones because these come in a wonderful design and exciting colours, such as aqua and lime. it allows its users to store a large amount of data in its immense memory.

Along with all these revolutionary features the widget is powered by an integrated Standard Li-Ion battery that provides a long battery backup. in stand-by mode it offers the power backup of upto 300 hours and talk time power back upto 6 hours.

The A827 Access is also a surprising gadget that comes in a smart design and several vibrant colours to attract the users. The dimensions of this latest gadget are 114 x 58 x 12 mm and it is also very light in weight in just 98 grams. This latest widget offers you complete entertainment because its preloaded music system can play MP3 file. Apart from that, you can download different enthusiastic games by the help of its web browser.

So, it can be concluded that all the Samsung mobile phones are unique in their smart look and the evolutionary features they provide.

Sprint Samsung Instinct – Smart Phone Review

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Samsung Instinct has been known, unfortunately as something that could trump the iPhone with regards to features. But everyone knows that it couldn’t. nonetheless, the Samsung Instinct still sport some rocking features, albeit some were borrowed from Apple.

It has a pop-op option screens and list of settings. When there’s an incoming call, you just tap the center and slips up if you want to accept it and slide down if not. When you’re in the middle of a call and you want to hang up, you slide it from left to right.

Some of the best qualities of this phone include adding your favorites in the Favorites pane, allowing you easy access. and you’re not at all limited to adding in the general buttons, it can be very specific right down to a favorite button for sending a messafe to a specific person.

There are also a lot of features that are similar to that of an iPhone, like it lets you browse easily through the images in a grid form, and it also includes the videos you took.

A lot of people actually prefer the Samsung Instinct over other touch-screen phones and regard it as one of the best so far. overall, the Samsung Instinct is a pretty good phone, with a lot of features, but of course it can never replace or substitute and iPhone. Although in its own respect, it’s a really good deal, plus it’s very affordable too compared to other touch-screed phones.

For more information about the Sprint Samsung Instinct review, just click on the link.

Samsung r810c Finesse Review – Straight Talk

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The Samsung Finesse r810c was released for Straight Talk Wireless in December, 2009, and created a LOT of buzz among prepaid phone users. At first glance, the r810c appears to be everything prepaid users have been dreaming of: it includes a large touch screen, high-speed EVDO data connection, music player, 2.0 mp camera, camcorder, bluetooth, and many other features.

To top it all off, this phone is now available on Straight Talk’s inexpensive, no-contract plans. At $45 per month, the unlimited calling, text, and data plan is pretty appealing, especially when that data is coming over a 3G connection. For people who, like me, are geeky enough to lust after the iPhone but frugal enough to stick to prepaid, this might be the perfect solution.

In fact, I couldn’t resist. after reading a few of the initial reviews of the Finesse from other Straight Talk users, I bit the bullet and purchased my own Samsung r810c, along with a month of unlimited service.

I’ve just received the phone, and I’m so enamored with the device I set up a separate Samsung r810c website to publish my review of the phone and share tips and tricks with other Straight Talk users. As I gain more experience with the Finesse, I’ll be putting up a very detailed review of the phone. I’ll also do my best to answer any questions that people might have if I happen to miss important information in my review.

As I said above, I’ve only had the phone a few days, so I haven’t used it enough to really test it out. Here’s what I can tell you so far, though – the voice quality seems adequate, but not fantastic. I would say it’s on par with the Samsung r451c, another Straight Talk phone released earlier this fall, but not quite as good as the LG 290c and 220c, also recent models on Straight Talk.

What is beyond compare, though, is the touch screen and EVDO browser. the touch screen definitely takes some getting used to, but I think I’ll grow to like it. It’s similar to an iPhone or iPod touch as far as how the touch screen works, but just a little different in sensitivity.

One thing worth noting here is that, unlike the aforementioned Apple products, the Finesse lacks multi-touch functionality. This means that the screen can sense only one touch at time, thus preventing use of Apple’s popular pinch-to-zoom operation. As an iPod touch user, I find that a little disappointing. beyond that disappointment, though, I like the touch screen. This is the first touch-screen phone I’ve used. It’s nice to use, and even nicer to look at it

One thing that I really like is the EVDO internet access. I’ve had several phones now with internet access, but used them all very little because they were so slow. that is not the case with the r810c’s 3G data. It’s certainly not as fast as broadband internet at your home, but it’s fast enough that I’d be happy to use it to pass time while waiting in a waiting room or as a passenger in a vehicle.

Just as a point of reference, I was able to load the CNN website in about a minute, complete with a dozen pictures. On previous prepaid phones, if it loaded at all it would have taken several minutes to load a site like CNN, and that wouldn’t have included any pictures at all.

To check my email from my Yahoo email account, it took me about 3 minutes to load the site, enter my password, and download my messages. I then reset the home page to yahoo mail, and saved my login info automatically. now I can get to my new messages in about 45 seconds.

The HTC Sensation Compared To The LG Optimus 3D

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Taiwanese firm HTC has steadily built a reputation for innovative and high quality mobile phones over the past three years with excellent models such as the Desire and the Legend amongst the handsets they have produced. Their latest offering, the Sensation, is firmly aimed at people requiring the ultimate smartphone experience thanks to its specification which overshadows many phones that are currently available. There is however a new kid on the block in the form of 3D technology and a number of phones are now sporting this exciting new system. Amongst them is the LG Optimus 3D which is another high end handset, but does this new technology propel the phone ahead of the Sensation in terms of appeal to the consumer?

An area where the LG does have an edge is when it comes to the design of the phone. Whereas HTC may produce phones that boast great functionality, LG have nearly always produced handsets that undoubtedly look great and the Optimus 3D is no exception. like the Samsung Galaxy S2 the phone has replaced curves with a much more angular design which echoes many of the tablet devices which are currently available. in terms of size there is very little difference between the two models with the LG being slightly larger and heavier, but this is compensated by the sleek design. Having said all of this the HTC Sensation is by no means an unattractive phone. It follows on from many of the brands other handsets with curves and metallic effects which make it pleasing on the eye, it is just that the model does not jump out at you in quite the same way as the Optimus 3D does. Despite both boasting 4.3 inch displays, the HTC Sensation comes out on top in this area thanks to a combination of great resolution at 560 x 940 teamed with the latest S-LCD technology that offers vast improvement over traditional LCD displays. LGs decision to fit the Optimus 3D with a TFT display as well as a lower resolution at 480 x 800 means the HTC comfortably outshines it in this department.

Although both phones run on the Google Android operating system, the fact that the HTC Sensation comes with the 2.3 platform out of the box is a nice touch. One of the main attractions of Android is that the system offers simple and fluid multi tasking facilities. where 2.3 offers improvement over 2.2 is that it enables the user to use an application management suite which offers full control over what programs your phone is currently running. These menus really do offer an in depth guide into how much demand is being placed on various elements of the phone with readings for both battery and processor usage for every program that is currently running. LG fans will be pleased to note that despite the Optimus coming with 2.2 Android installed there will be an update made available for 2.3 putting the handset on a par with the Sensation in this area.

The HTC Sensation and the LG Optimus 3D are undoubtedly top end mobile phones and there really is very little to choose between the two models, with the LG being the most pleasing on the eye but the Sensation offering a higher grade of technology, despite the LG offering 3D facilities.

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